Save "Little Syria"

Sign an online petition to help save NYC’s “Little Syria”

Community members have contacted the ACCC to publicize their petition to designate New York City’s “Little Syria” as a historical district. The organizers of thsi petition see historical designation as a means by which the Arab presence in New York (and in America at large) can be acknowledged.


From the organizers: "Throughout its long, illustrious history, New York City has seen waves of immigrants from all corners of the globe, who have all left a mark. The Jewish people have the Lower East Side, the Italians have Little Italy and the Chinese have Chinatown. Many other ethnic groups have numerous protected historical buildings and districts in New York, but what do Arab Americans have? Let us stand up for our roots, culture and foundations in this country. Arab Americans have been coming to the United States for well over one hundred years and to Washington Street since 1870! Let us secure a concrete feeling of "place" for our substantial part of the American story. We as Arab Americans deserve this recognition and respect just as every other nationality and ethnic group in the United States, and the Landmarks Commission should designate all three remaining buildings into a historical district."

You can help by signing the petition here

At the left is a picture from the New York Times showing people sampling Syrian pasteries in a shop in New York in 1946.